Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ambition Got the Better of Me

I have been toying with what to do with this blog during the 42 weeks of the year that The Newsroom is not on the air since about when episode 2 aired, and one idea has stuck since I first tossed it around about the time of episode 3. So, I'm going to dive in. Take the plunge. Take on a project that is probably too ambitious and intense for one person to handle alone. But hey, I won't know whether it can be done unless I try.

I'm going to take on real news. One story per week will be broken down with all of the facts laid out clearly and concisely. I'll tell you what media outlets got it wrong or told half truths, which ones had it right, and which ones could have gone a little bit further. I haven't decided how old the stories will be, but that may vary. Things tend to be more interesting to do this with when you have all of the information rather than when you only have pieces.

When Season 2 comes around look for this site to go back to the current format, but every week in between will be a slightly different situation. It will still stay out of the opinion game. Since it will still be a fact checking site, it will not take sides, and the slogan will remain, "Just the Facts. No Drama."

Thank you all for reading,

Brian Waddell
The Newsroom Fact Check


  1. Good luck my friend. I look forward to it and commend you on it.

  2. Very ambitious, but I applaud it. We need more of this.

  3. I think that's a great idea. If more people did this simple thing, we'd have actual discourse in this country.

    Thank you so much for running this blog. I really appreciate your content.