Sunday, July 14, 2013

Out of Context

A quick note before the real fun begins tomorrow: When I say something is taken "out of context" it means it is not given the proper frame for people to really be able to understand the situation or quote involved. If you take issue with me saying that something is "out of context" in a show that rarely gives any context while I go to the trouble of giving the context, then you will be consistently disappointed with this blog. Any quote given in part or without background details is taken out of context, and I will do my best to put it into context. I am usually not saying anything about whether the quote is being misrepresented on the show or misused, just that it has a context and I aim to give that context.

There was a comment about some of the stuff being not "out of context" during Episode 10 last season that I mistakenly deleted. I stand behind every inch of text in that particular blog.

In the deleting frenzy (thanks to some spam that came through) I also deleted a couple comments that I did not intend to about the bill referenced in Episode 3. I did bad (stopped too soon and on the wrong page) research in this case. I got the wrong bill from a bad source, and while I'll let the rest of the post stand as is, the one or two sentences where I reference H.R. 2559 are incorrect but do not influence any other statement. I appreciate those who pointed this out and hope you keep on top of me so I can't slip up again.

Also, I know I didn't do the real world fact checking that I said I would (outside of some incredulity about the end of the world), but I felt that most of the best opportunities for that were too politically charged and, while that may be good for readership, I didn't feel comfortable doing it on this blog. I'll stick to shedding light on the stuff that Aaron Sorkin leaves out or messes up instead.

Finally, welcome back, thanks for reading, and I hope Season 2 is even better than Season 1!

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