Monday, August 5, 2013

2.4: Unintended Consequences

Fact: The wig that Alison Pill, as Maggie Jordan, is wearing looks terrible. The reason that Maggie Jordan is wearing that hairstyle, however, is likely the most poignant and moving moment in the 14 episode history of The Newsroom. That aside, let's look into some actual facts.

There is no way, in the first few days of October 2011, that Maggie and Gary "Is that really your name?" Cooper could have followed the 100 U.S. troops that searched for Joseph Kony. The reason? Sending troops to Africa for that purpose was not even announced until the 14th of October. As usual, fuzzy timelines are used to support their plot-lines. And no, the ends do not justify the means. The 490th Civil Affairs Battalion is a real thing, and so are cattle raiders.

For the record, and you can check the links from last week, yes, death by asphyxiation is a reality with sarin gas. However, this is regularly due to the inability of the lungs to function after exposure to the neurotoxin rather than choking on one's own vomit. Vomiting is colorful and sounds violent. Simply ceasing to breath is not nearly as exciting.

This is a fairly straightforward definition of an NGO, or non-governmental organization. It's simply a global non-profit.

The Danish "Fat Tax" was real and was really repealed in November of 2012 after about one year of existence. And, the statement that Africa has 1,944 languages is Sorkinese for "about 2000."

What do you think about using the full name of Rick Perry's ranch on a newscast? Comment below or on the Fbook page.

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