Monday, November 10, 2014

Episode 3.1: Boston

WELCOME BACK! Or, for the many (and I do mean many) of you who have found this blog since last season, a huge welcome. I just wish we were looking forward to more seasons to come. Oh well, let's all enjoy these last six episodes and keep them honest.

This season picks up with the ACN team just trying to get it right after their major mess up last season. You're reading this blog, so you probably know what happened last season. Let's move forward based on that assumption. If you don't, then go watch it, and read my fact checks, and then come back.

After waiting longer than all the other networks to report on the Boston Marathon bombing ACN reports about the death of 8-year-old Martin Richard. Martin became a symbol of just how horrible this event was in the days and months following the bombing. He also left behind a sister, just a year younger than himself, who now walks, and runs, on a prosthetic leg. Her story is intense and uplifting in a way that few stories can be. Especially for a girl who has just started third grade. Read more about her, and the entire Richard family, here.

The concept that a detective could have lost his job over the botched reporting by John King and CNN that the ACN newsroom reveled in is not far-fetched. King himself said that his source received "serious blowback at the leaks." This can't be confirmed to my knowledge (and I spent time scouring), and is not confirmed on the air by ACN either. We'll file this one under plausible speculation.

The entire rundown of the events of the manhunt, including the Reddit silliness (assuming The Atlantic got it right) is reported solidly. This is good, seeing as how ACN, and The Newsroom's writing team, needed to get it right this time. As far as I could tell, the timeline was right for a change. It's nice to see The Newsroom's fact checkers getting it down in their final season. We all know I haven't always been perfect at it either, but they've taken a while to even catch up to my level of imperfection. The irony of The Newsroom finally (okay, okay they've had a couple other 99% accurate shows) getting it all right during an episode dedicated to an event where reporting was constantly getting it wrong is not lost on me.

As far as Neal's storyline goes (which seems to be the overarching Genoa replacement), SIPRnet is real, but it goes by Secret IP Data now (I like the old name better), but anything else involved should be taken as fiction until you're told otherwise since Kundu is not a country.

Thanks for coming back. 5 more.